About Me

Dear Visitor,

My name is Ilona Iske. I’m an Dutch animation student with a passion for illustration and gaming. I often like to combine these two passions of my together to create interesting works.
Since the end of 2017 I started playing Guild Wars 2 and since then I’ve become an avid player. I just really enjoy the game and love to explore and collect achievement together with all my characters.
Since spring of 2019 I started to make little icons of my own Guild Wars 2 characters with the typical flat-design. I came into contact with this style during my internship in 2018. Since then I’ve been making plenty icons of all the different characters, creatures and items Guild Wars 2 had to offer and after making over 150 pieces, I decided to start a little website showcasing them all for all you people to enjoy and thus: The Elonian Art Gallery was born which is also a tribute to one of my favorite Regions in the game.
So feel free to take a look around and enjoy the various works. You can also visit the Visitor Hall where you can find many works created for other people. All these icons are my tribute to this amazing game and the people that created it. Be sure to visit multiple times as new works will be added to the gallery overtime. Also feel free to contact me for commissions, suggestions or just to say hi.

- Ilona
Last updated on August 31, 2019 by Ilona Iske